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Goldman Sachs shares surge after reporting strong 2Q earnings

This Wednesday, Goldman Sachs announced second-quarter earnings that crushed analysts’ expectations and displayed one of their best quarters in years. The investment bank generated $2.42 billion in profit, or $6.26 a share beating analysts’ estimates of $3.96 per share. In a statement, CEO David Solomon stated “the turbulence we have seen in recent months only

Wells Fargo high street ATMs.

Wells Fargo’s woes, J.P. Morgan’s jubilation

Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan announced their second quarter results on Tuesday, which underwhelmed and overwhelmed investors, respectively. J.P. Morgan’s share price closed up 0.5% on Tuesday, after rising as much as 2% during Tuesday’s trading session, as the US’s largest bank reported forecast-beating results on its top and bottom line. Wells Fargo, on the

Face masks may be made mandatory in shops in the UK.

Mask wearing and corporate earnings entice investors to add risk as FTSE rises 1.3%

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson donned face masks in public for the first time since the pandemic began over the weekend, as Downing Street is expected to make an announcement over the next few days regarding whether it should be mandatory to wear masks in shops. If the UK government were to enact such a